Sounds like: A phased guitar tone cluster crushing a bulldozer. With classic pop sensibilities and poetic lyrics.

Release date: When we finish moving all the little scratches around so it skips in the right places.

Genre: Antimatter.

Easy listening: If you are deaf.

Guitars: 2-6, depending on configuration.

Microphones: As many as we can.

Gaffer’s tape: Load bearing structure.

Jackhammers: At the worst possible moment.

Bulldozers: Wherever they want.

Cats: Are always on the wrong side of the door.

Interruptions: Predictable.

Sticky notes: Perhaps current. Perhaps not.

Knobs and buttons: We know what they do so you don’t have to.

Less: Is more.

More: or less.

Narcissism: Required for proper operation.

Sorceress: (1) Cary Grace.

Feedback howls while tripping over things: Allan Coberly (highly skilled).

There are no: Accidents.

Irony: Optional.

Confusion: I’m not sure.

Analogue: Yeah!

Digital: Whatever.

iPod: Crunch. What?

Rickenbacker bass: Of course.

Andy Budge: No oven mitts.

Hits round things: David Payne.

Rust: Makes them sound better.

Oatmeal: Is good for you.

Coffee: Yes.

Breakfast: Life is unfair.

Distractions: Infinite.

Procrastination: No it isn’t. It’s a delay line.

Denial: No it isn’t. It’s a wiring problem.

Obsession: A lifestyle choice.

Market research: Very extensive.

Legal status: Probably somewhere.

For service: Use a sledgehammer.

In case of emergency: Pause-Record-Play.

For technical support: Straitjacket.

Documentation: What? Is that some kind of sick joke?

Dead air: It wasn’t loud enough.

Adapters: Only to XLR.

When in doubt: Stereo phaser.

Pork jowl: Won’t make it through customs.

Save it: For a rainy day.

50 Hz hum: UK.

60 Hz hum: USA.

Hummus: May contain nuts.

Figure it out: You aren’t smart enough.